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General Problems that Charles Tyrwhitt Customers Reports

  • Can I track my order?
  • How do I use my offer code?
  • How do I cancel an item or order?
  • Can I pay for my order via PayPal?
  • How long does the return take?
  • What if the item is faulty?
  • Can you take me off your mailing list?
  • How do I complain to Charles Tyrwhitt?

Contacting Charles Tyrwhitt Help Pages

This is the official customer support page of Charles Tyrwhitt, which contains different options for contacting them about a variety of issues. If you are looking for Charles Tyrwhitt’s best customer help page or faq or forum, this is the best entry point. If you don’t have access to your account, try resetting the password with your email address. And If that doesn’t work, contact Charles Tyrwhitt directly by calling their customer service number at 0344 482 4000 .

Charles Tyrwhitt Frequently Asked Questions

Orders How do I cancel an item or order?

The very first step in cancelling a product from your purchase (or the order in total ) would be to contact their when possible. The very best method is to phone us directly. If your order has not yet left usthey will be able to stop it or change it for you. If the order has left our warehouse and is on the way to you, you may just return it to their to get a full refund.

How do I amend an order?

If you realize you need to amend your purchase after it has been placed, you’ll have to contact Charles Tyrwhitt as soon as possible. They ask that you telephone on 1866 797 2701 immediately as though your order has not left their, they’ll have the ability to amend it for you. Please be aware that this will delay your order by around 48 hours in the initial shipping quote.

Do you offer next day shipping?

As most of goods are sent directly from Britain, regrettably they aren’t able to offer Next Day Shipping at the time.

If you want your order urgently they could send it using Express shipping. Your parcel would subsequently hit you within 2 – 4 business days. The shipping charge for this monitored, signature-required support is $39.95 and you can ask for this when placing your order online or by telephone.

Can I choose a different address for delivery?

Occasionally, it simply isn’t suitable to be at home to receive your parcels. If it is easier, you may give them an alternative shipping address (e.g. your work address) to make sure your parcel reaches you safely.

Please be sure to check your order confirmation email to ensure the shipping information is correct, to prevent any inconvenience once the delivery occurs.

Will I be charged a transaction fee?

Any credit/debit card issuer may opt to charge customers a transaction fee for purchases made in a currency which isn’t their own.

In certain exceptional instances, a card supplier may deduct a commission for global purchases made out the customer’s country or home, whether in a foreign currency or not.

People also ask

What is Charles Tyrwhitt phone number?
0344 482 4000

Where is Charles Tyrwhitt head office?

Is Charles Tyrwhitt good quality?
In terms of quality, the consensus is that while not rising in the level of something from a bespoke shirtmaker or a traditional English or Italian atelier, Tyrwhitt shirts are comfortable, durable, and perfectly serviceable business wear.

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