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Navigate to first. If you have a problem with a Lycaremit service, click on this link or paste it into the search bar of your browser and hit enter to go to the page. If you aren’t already logged in, type in your email and password to log into your account and gain access to the page.

General Problems that Lycaremit Customers Reports

  • Will I Be Charged A Fee For The Transfer?
  • How Secure Is My Personal Data?
  • How Do I Pay for My Transfer?
  • Does Lycaremit Accept Cash As A Payment Method?
  • Can I Send Money Anywhere Around The Globe?
  • How Much Money Can I Send?
  • How do I complain to Lycaremit?

Contacting Lycaremit Help Pages

This is the official customer support page of Lycaremit, which contains different options for contacting them about a variety of issues. If you are looking for Lycaremit’s best customer help page or faq or forum, this is the best entry point. Contact Lycaremit directly by calling their customer service number at 0207 132 0015.

Lycaremit Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Pay for My Transfer?

You can pay for your transfer through debit card.

If I Send My Money Online, Will It Be Safe And Secure?

Sending money on the internet is incredibly safe and without any hidden fees with Lycaremit. They utilize the most recent technologies to make sure your remittances are safe and secure.

How Is A Transfer Refunded?

In the instance of transaction failure, your funds will be reimbursed to your Lycaremit Client’s Account.

How Much Money Can I Send?

Your transfer limitation will be shown at the upper right corner onto your dashboard, dependent on your verification status.

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